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16th November 7.30 pm

Alloa Rugby Club

Bring friends! Make friends! Win prizes!

Social and fundraising event


The Support Team get busy ...

Costume design and planning underway with Jennie Spowage.


The show is cast ...

Here is George.  George is playing evil tycoon Caldwell Cladwell.  In one of his more genial moments he is sharing his fudge with the hero of Urinetown, Bobby Strong, played by Michael.  

In the background you can see Rob trying to negotiate his way out of playing Old Man Strong with Dance and Creative Director, Kaye.  

Right at the back, there's Steven, Musical Director, studying is Highway Code.

Knowing the score ...

Our big box of hired scripts/scores has arrived - here is a copy appropriately sitting on a toilet.

We are rehearsing currently in Alloa Rugby Club FK10 1QW.
Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7.15pm from now to March 2019. 

Do just come along - however  contacting us to check arrangements is also an idea!

Urinetown is set in a future where the government creates, then takes advantage of a terrible water-shortage by banning private toilets. Citizens are forced to pay to use public toilets instead, and those who can’t pay or won’t pay are exiled to Urinetown. The public amenities are regulated by big business baddy Mr Cladwell and his megacorporation Urine Good Company, who profit by charging admission for one of humanity’s most basic needs. Urinetown tells the story of Bobby Strong’s journey towards freedom and justice, as he leads the oppressed population in a revolt against the system. This outrageous and self-mocking show parodies many musical stage favourites: Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story, Les Mis, Cabaret – and has everything from rousing gospel choir and fabulous dance numbers to heartbreaking solos, all with a political/satirical twist. It’s a real roller coaster ride – and in this era of political mayhem, what could be more appropriate?!

A Welcome Evening and introduction to "Urinetown" was held on Monday 27th August - Alloa Rugby Club

The First Rehearsal and meeting our new Musical Director was Monday 3rd September - Alloa Rugby Club 

Rehearsals in Alloa Rugby Club are Mondays, Wednesdays and some Sunday afternoons until end February 2019

Steven Segaud

New Musical Director for Urinetown 

We would like to introduce a new musical talent to the wee county, Steven Segaud. Steven took up the post of Musical Director for AMP when music rehearsals began on 3rd September.

He comes to Alloa fresh from his role on the keyboard for a brilliant production of “Urinetown” by students of Glasgow University – it has become a popular choice for young companies everywhere.

Steven plays several instruments and is also a voice coach so we should be in very good hands.

Kaye Finlay

Dance and Artistic Director

Urinetown will be Kaye's third show with Alloa Musical Players. 

Kaye's extensive experience includes running her own Dance Company, choreographing many musicals, working as a Dance Facilitator with Falkirk Council and for Youth Scotland - and now directing musicals. She brings that rare combination of tough work with great fun. 

Her directing style is highly inclusive, which is a perfect match for AMP's values.
  • Salsa
  • Human Centipede
    Human Centipede
  • Handstand
  • The Lift
    The Lift

Dance Tutor and our Artistic Director, Kaye Finlay, worked with more than 20 participants in her physical theatre course over 6 Monday evenings this summer.  10 men and 11 women joined in in total - some regular members of AMP, some complete newcomers.  Stage fighting, how to lift each other, salsa, Charleston, street dance and much more were enjoyed - despite the unusually fierce heat of July and August!

AMP is grateful to the staff at Hawkhill Community Centre in Alloa, and to The Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust who funded the workshops.